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May 07, 2007

Calling crane in the shade Author SJ Marshall's great resource on the 易经, or I-Ching. Use the Book of Changes to access profound insights from the ancients, perhaps add your own hippy claptrap, or even enjoy other surprising interpretations.
Poll: Americans love the queen A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Monday during the queen's six-day U.S. visit finds that eight in 10 Americans have a favorable view of the British monarch. This comes despite the fact that four in 10 believe Britain would be better off without a royal family. Quite.
Hitler's moustache. His moustache is the most instantly recognisable - and sinister - in history. Yet, according to new research into Adolf Hitler's early life, the distinctive, toothbrush shape that adorned his scowling face was not his first preference.
International Klein Blue more inside
The Random Collections is a collection of "images gathered from the internet, from free sites, via e-mail from our visitors." The collection contains many kick-ass time wasters such as porn bread(NSFW), a penguin church, how to make a tampon pistol(NSFW), or even amazing metal art Warning! Dangerous to productivity! (Some entries NSFW)