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April 23, 2007

MoFi Nashvegas Meetup? Any Nashville monkeys out there? more inside
Some researchers in England got a grant to put a typewriter into a habitat of six macacques at the Devon Zoo for a month and monitored the results. I'm sure you're familiar with the old saw "put a thousand monkeys in a room with a typewriter and eventually come up with Shakespeare." It's basically the working model for hiring screenwriters in Hollywood (which explains how ABC came up with that Geico Caveman show idea) more inside
Tony Judt on the French presidential election. more inside
Sheryl Crow Sez: "Limit Your Loo Paper!" which brings us to today's Curious George: The Environment: What are your suggestions for helping the planet? more inside
Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin Passes Away at 76
Happy (belated) Birthday, Iggy!
"Thriller," performed by LEGOs. [youtube] Further LEGO music video goodness: short versions of those awesome OK GO videos.
Rewarding mass homicide. Lionel Shriver makes the case in this thought provoking op-ed piece (WaPo-registration possibly required) that we reward mass murderers with our round-the-clock, wall-to-wall coverage of the horrific aftermath to the carnage. In related news, Newt Gingrich blames liberalism. for the shootings. more inside