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April 04, 2007

Curious George: Person Search Have any of you used any online people search services? more inside
If We Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics... Excuse me, but I think that foreign-language teaching often takes the form described. more inside
Bloons! We haven't had a game here for a while. This even has a monkey in it. And what's better, it's made in New Zealand! Fifty levels of balloon popping fun. (Flash) more inside
Left Behind? Not this book series. Before the first installment in Tim LaHaye's and Jerry B. Jenkins' modern-day stories based on the Book of Revelation appeared in 1995, Christian fiction was typically tucked away in Christian bookstores. Now, 43 million books later, the Left Behind titles have paved the way for these books and others like them to be sold in chain outlets, discount stores and big box retailers.
Curious George - Best iTunes Companion Programs? I am specifically looking for a os x program than will let me edit my playlists with more ease that with iTunes (global edits, etc.) but was also wondering if anybody has any neat suggestions to make our iTunes and iPod lives any easier. I did a search on mofi and it appears that this topic hasn't been covered here, but if I missed anything, my appy-polo-logies. Any cool iPod/iTunes helper/companion program suggestions? And since this question is posed for all of the monkeys out there, you might as well list both mac as well as windows options.
This article which briefly analyzes the concept of Nirvana from a psych standpoint, is a fascinating read. more inside
The atheist's nightmare: the banana
The archive of golden age romance comics
Free Land for the Taking ... in Anderson, Alaska. An interesting plan to increase economic development, devised by the local high school students (all 16 of 'em).
No bananas within 100 mile radius! more inside