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March 08, 2007

The ugliest flame war of all time can be found here. Blog owners eventually notice.
'Lebensborn' sue Norway. A group of Norwegians who were fathered by German soldiers in World War II are suing the Norwegian authorities at the European Court of Human Rights. More on the lebensborn.
Happy International Women's Day! A listing of events in countries around the world. more inside
12 photos that make one wonder if you don't have to be crazy to fish for crabs, and then a 13th and final photo that pretty much settles the matter.
Lovers of Wisdom - And ACTION! From the award-winning comic series ACTION PHILOSOPHERS! comes these biographies of the titans of thought! Thrill to the killer koans of Bam-Bam Bodhidharma! Shudder before the noble savagery of Terrible Thomas Jefferson! more inside
Curious Gross-Out George. What's the most disgusting thing you have ever tasted? more inside
Man dressed as elf robs lingerie shop.
Curious George: Canadian Passport Panic We've just been told that Mr. Koko's passport will not be ready in time for our flight to Australia. more inside