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January 31, 2007

[Curious George] Denver Pet Sitter & SF Tourist Attractions Jim T. and I will be in San Francisco for four days in March and we need 1) Recommendation for cat(s) sitter in Denver, 2) Some fun touristy things to do in San Francisco. more inside
Moonites Paralyze Boston A marketing stunt for cable channel TBS's Aqua Teen Hunger Force backfired hideously because the geniuses behind the stunt forgot to notify the Boston Police Department. They are very sorry, however. Bugmenot login/pass for boston.com
Police Eliminator Radar Detector Enforcement vehicles with speed measuring devices disappear just before you approach, then reappear after you pass. Officers are unharmed and unaware they have briefly visited a parallel universe. Enjoy your high speed riding in total security and confidence.
National Monkey Gorilla Suit Day
A damned dirty rip-off from that other place
Piesse's Smell Organ more inside
Oh no!
The Running Man [YouTube]? No, a Japanese game show. [via Emptyflower]
Subjugation by James Galloway is a free, unpublished, and entrancing science fiction novel. The Faey are relatively mild as conquering alien overlords go. Within the first couple of paragraphs they peacefully take over the earth and turn it into a farming colony. Unfortunately the human residents are seen as little more than useful serfs to pull in the harvest. From the same author there is also the Kael Chronicles, a high fantasy epic (of about 8 novels) with a highly detailed and diverse world. more inside
Curious George: what're you keeping cool? Go on: swing that fridge door wide and take a quick candid photo. Betcha wish you had one of these beauties. more inside