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January 17, 2007

That's so Book! In an interesting technical flavor to linguistics, T9 predictive text on mobile phones is now starting to have an effect on language. For example, 'book' now means 'cool' because when either is entered (2665) into a T9 predictive phone, 'book' is offered before 'cool,' and is now used in place of the latter. via.
The Greatest becomes a senior citizen. Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali! Now go sit down, and feel old.
Live near the Monticello reactor? Get your free potassium iodide! Announcement made 1/3/2007. Pills will be available "in February". On 1/16/2007 "federal officials" announced that the previous Tuesday (1/10/2007) a 35,000-pound control box fell off a steel beam inside the plant, (but outside the reactor) leading to a plant shutdown. Earlier reports (1/11/2007) said it occurred "during turbine valve testing". A 2nd update that day said: more inside
Chimp born at Chimp Haven. But all the males had vasectomies. Added goodness: her name is Tracy. more inside
Marching Penguins. A short ad for a French TV station. via: SE & Meta.
Adventure Time - a charming childrens cartoon (youtube)
Monkey Salon Saw this, thought of you guys. Some neat stuff in the galleries, though for some reason my links keep getting munged in preview, so I'll let you find them yourselves.
Curious George: rebound or real? How can you tell if your shiny new relationship is everything you think it is? more inside
Curious George: Charging for freelance writing? I do occasional work as a music critic and interviewer for a few street press mags and papers in Australia. I've been asked to put together a company profile for some small time promoters, but I'm not sure how much I should be charging. I've written a press release for them in the past and woefully underquoted them ($30AUD) for the amount of time and headache it took. They ended up giving me $30 plus tickets to a concert, and bus fare for myself and my partner to attend. All up that would have cost them about $230-250. Can anyone offer some practical advice on what a standard charge would be in this situation? My friend has suggested charging them $300 but this sounds a bit pushy to me. Also, it's my first post, eek.
Trainwrecks Wrecked That cute little cesspool of gossip and mockery trainwrecks.net has apparently shut itself down at the behest of its ISP after considerable harassment by members of rival site Heaven Nose (nsfw text). But Heaven Nose claims they started the war against Trainwrecks just for fun. Oh, Internet drama... a force whose power is eclipsed only by its uncontrollability.