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December 23, 2006

TomTom? or DumbDumb (Tiny URL used as original exceeds 140 characters. Page is Reuters article) Drivers following the directions of their satnavs or GPS systems, are more prone to turn off their brains, and dispense with common sense in lieu of their gadget. more inside
Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying
Festivus turns 40 this year. The holiday was invented by the father of Daniel O’Keefe, a future Seinfeld writer. Many find it to be a simple family celebration, free of marketing corruption of Christmas. Traditions include the aluminum pole, the airing of grievances, and feats of strength. Meat loaf or spaghetti in a red sauce is traditional, but the writer Allen Salkin recommends a hearty beer, rum, bourbon, or wine. Now, I've got some problems with you people...
Lost-and-Found Tiwari For 60 years Raja Ram Tiwari has been reuniting people separated from each other during Hindu festivals. more inside
SMOKE SIGNALS. "The third most-used drug in this country after alcohol and cigarettes, it is often claimed that cannabis is less harmful to your health. However, a review of major health studies by the Mental Health Council of Australia has debunked this view, finding that cannabis can increase the risk of mental illness in a small number of people and is addictive. The study concludes that cannabis use can bring on schizophrenia in people who have a family history of mental illness."
The City Desk covers a non-existent city This first link is via MeFi, but it got me thinking... there are all kinds of wacky imaginary worlds out there. Let's go exploring!