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December 15, 2006

Police arrest a 5 year old girl The fraternal order of police finally does the job we all want them to do. Now you can do your part. more inside
Ben's, 1908 - 2006. Ben's Deli in Montreal is no more. One of the giants for smoked meat sandwiches along with (the better) Schwartz's and The Main, Ben's fell victim to the first strike in its history, where workers of 20, 30 and one of even 52 years' service were trying to get a forty-cent raise over just above Minimum. more inside
Rape Is Not A Compliment Melissa McEwan (Shakes) received this comment at her blog. "No one wants to rape you, Shakes. Sorry to inform you." I have my reservations about giving nutcases a platform, but Shakes has several good points about warped perceptions about rape. Some men think it's only the pretty girls. Someone should tell that to the men raped in prison, elderly women or children who are raped each year.
50 Pages of Neat Lots of cool stuff, which is apparently some design-minded person's blog, and is perfectly designed for wasting lots of time. There's some excellent stuff there though, and something on the linked page looks familiar . . . Oh, and via BunnyCorp
Danger Will Robinson! Someone has mass-produced the robot from Lost in Space. more inside
Baka Pygmies Culture, music and rites of initiation in the Central African rainforest.
Curious George: Tokyo Meetup 24/25/26 January? Don't make me go to metafilter.
100 things we didn't know this time last year more inside
Maury Povich helps a guest overcome her fear of pickles. [ifilm video I found via this]
StumbleUpon (previously) has been the single biggest threat I've ever seen to any chance I had at being a productive human. They have now launched the second biggest threat. I think I have to unplug my computer now.
Honor and Modernity. Is honor an antiquated concept in the modern world? An interesting essay by a Norwegian anthropologist addressing how cultural misunderstanding can lead to tragedy.
'New Organics' found on 'strange' comet, Wild 2. More evidence for comets as the origin of life on earth.