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November 28, 2006

Civil war declared in Iraq By NBC
The Queen Just saw Helen Mirren's superb turn as The Queen in the film of that name. I'm curious: how do those of you in the UK feel about this film, and its portrayal of the royals? more inside
International Breast Milk Project From their site: We are a non-profit organization which supports promotion of nursing, distribution of banked milk, and creation of breast milk banks in Africa. I stumbled upon the International Breast Milk Project this morning, as I was reading Putting Breast Milk to Good Use
Cigarettes: they're always a temptation, they're healthy, but they may cause deformity. more inside
Monkey Festival A banquet has been held for monkeys in the small Thai town of Lopburi. Hindu legend suggests that King Rama gave a monkey king ally fiefdom of the local area Warning: Media Player required....
Rumpology, also known as butt reading, more inside
Coleco 1980
Ancient Chinese sex advice What to do if your "jade stalk" won't rise? The White Girl has the answers. more inside