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November 21, 2006

The Cat Came Back (excellent short cartoon) more inside
My favorite photoblog. Curious George: Do you have a favorite photoblog, too? more inside
East Village style in the 80's: interview and photo gallery. "On The Street" was a photo-column by Amy Arbus that ran in the Village Voice during the 80's. Here is a brief interview with her and a sample of some of her photographs. Journey back to the time when leggings, asymmetrical haircuts and skinny pants were new and exciting. more inside
Curious George: Birthday Gift for a 12 year-old What to get a horse-loving 12-year-old skater girl who's been through a trainwreck? more inside
John Pilger "There is no War on Terrorism; it is the great game speeded up. The difference is the rampant nature of the superpower, ensuring infinite dangers for us all." more inside
Curious George: What should I do in life? I have a bachelor's in industrial design, which seemed like a good choice since I love creative thinking. Surprise! Design involves very little creative thinking in practice (or in theory). I have no idea what I should pursue in terms of self-education or graduate programs or work. more inside
No hobbitses for you says New Line to Peter Jackson. more inside
Tacky beach towns I’ve always loved them, and regret that they’re being up-scaled, at least in California. In the 1940s and 50s, Santa Monica had its Muscle Beach and a small pier,, with it’s merrygoround, separated by a boardwalk with hot dog stands, curio shops and small wood frame beach houses. Now, it’s prime real estate. more inside
Curious George: Automatons? Is it possible there are automatons among us? (Grab a Sam Adams and click "[more inside]")... more inside
Comedian Michael Richards loses it. I hesitated posting this here, because by now you've probably all heard about it and can get your fill of it elsewhere, plus the ensuing discussion is bound to get contentious, but I would like to see how Monkeys weigh in on this. more inside