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November 13, 2006

Astroturfing Health Budgets Russell Brown's piece tying together how drug companies prey on cancer patients with fake grassroots campaigns to peddle low-effect, high-price treatments.
Good day, Mr. Kubrick... Meet Brian Atene, a remarkably self-assured young man auditioning for Full Metal Jacket. Fast forward a couple decades, and meet him again, if it is indeed him. [YouTubey, Wiki goodness] more inside
Games 4 Girls - "...show the boys what the girls can do!" (via girl_gamers)
Sock-sorting It's been too long since we've had any sock-related posts. Sort 'em here. Sort of via Mefi.
"Where is your personal radiation detector when you really need it? On your wrist!" "We live in a world where radiation is a reality. People want to have the ability to measure it for themselves and they want to be notified when the radiation levels increase." From the FAQ, there's this wise advice about dose rates. "Dose Rate: 1000 uSv/h. Possible Cause: Near high-grade uranium ore. Action: Members of the public should not be here". more inside
Bawdy and entertaining, popular among Ozzies and Kiwis, not as many members as MetaFilter -- it's La Clique! Yo, Math Owie, I got yer clique right here, pal.
The lost sheep Baa! Baa! more inside
A question about MoFi bookmark icon more inside
"In other news: you can expect to see a few pictures leaked if you film your TV show right outside a newspaper office." more inside