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October 31, 2006

Curious George: Hosting Mystery A client of mine wants to switch hosting companies but cannot find/remember/dig up the present hosting info. I have been trying to sleuth it out but no luck. more inside
Cool multi-touch computer interaction Forget about your mouse and keyboard, this is the future. via dzone more inside
Curious George: Occupational blogs? Do you have any recommendations for blogs that let me walk a mile in someone's occupational shoes? I want to read the ups and downs about working on a construction site, driving a train, being a flight attendant, being a mailman, whatever. I really haven't had much luck fishing this stuff out of the sea of teen angst and vaporous blogs. Recommendations?
Eroica! Fabulous, in-depth Flash exploration of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E Flat Major. (via MeFi). more inside
In the spirit of Hallowe'en: Suspense! Chills! Shiver! via YouTube
World's largest Pumpkin Gaia affirms that it's an orange alert day.
Horrors! [alas in PDF] but nonetheless a wealth of short stories and novels from some of the greatest writers in the genre as well as lesser-knowns.