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October 30, 2006

The House That Must Be Mine more inside
Tom Waits Interview in the Observer "Waits talks like he sings, in a rasping drawl and with an old-timer's wealth of received wisdom. It's as if, in late middle-age, he has grown into the person he always wanted to be. His tales are often tall, and his metaphors and similes tend towards the surreal. 'Writing songs is like capturing birds without killing them,' he quips. 'Sometimes you end up with nothing but a mouthful of feathers.'" via linkfilter
Did you ever stumble into an online community that made you feel like you'd stepped through the looking glass? Warning: Lots of crappy, pop-up-laden webhosting. (Possibly NSFW, depending on how seriously you want to be taken by your co-workers in the future.) more inside
A transcript from Frontline on the De Beers diamond cartel. This aired over ten years ago, but it's still relevant, I think. I found it fascinating. I've read about the diamond cartel before, but this had more history and info than I'd seen before. (Warning: pretty long.) more inside
Curious George: 60s Fancy Dress Help me with some fancy dress ideas for a 60s themed party on Saturday. more inside
The Skool Rules Also nowen as Klassrooms & Matrons ... more inside