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September 30, 2006

Hello, Cleveland Investigitave Journalism at its finest- Cleveland's WKYC Investigitave Reporter, Carl Monday, goes after a teenage boy he finds looking at porn and wanking in a public library, in a six-part, 22-minute series, where he badgers the kid and the kid's parents, in some sort of attempt to seem superior, while wearing a clich├ęd trench coat. So, The Daily Show (YT video) takes the piss out of Carl in kind. via. Meanwhile, Osama is still at large.
A new episode of "the Burg" has finally been posted, making fun of hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Funny stuff.
Memories of the Battle of Cable Street, seventy years on.
On The Subject of BOOKS J.D.Salinger is on this list, as are John Steinbeck and Mark Twain. Somewhat astounding, to say the least.
Taking a the piss? Veselin Topalov is threatening to quit after accusing his opponent at the World Chess Championship, Vladimir Kramnik, of taking an excessive number of toilet breaks (more than fifty a game, apparently). more inside
Youtube in MeWorld I have noticed a lot of links and varied reactions to utube. more inside