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September 05, 2006

Everyday. (youtube-video with sound) more inside
Celebrity worship. Is it programmed into your DNA? Is it addictive? Is it good for you -- especially if you're a teen? Is it a savage new religion? What's the psychology behind it? Is it a screwing up the academic world? Does it signify cultural decline and confusion?
A hundred dead elephants were recently spotted by Mike Fay on an aerial survey just outside the borders of Zakouma National Park in southeastern Chad. Fueled in part by an upswing in ivory demand from China and the crisis in nearby Dafur. See also, homunculus' fine post. more inside
Banksy does Paris... He's at it again. Previously mentioned here, here, and here, his latest project has been to abduct, remix (m4a audio) and reissue (embedded YT video) Paris Hilton's new CD. (Some images/content may be NSFW).
School Superintendent appears semi-nude in calendar, said to be in bad form. ""It was done to raise some money, and he was asked to do it," Irlbeck said. "We have told him as a board that he needs to do things in the community." Oh, the jokes, they write themselves. [via obscurestore]
How It Works...The Computer Thanks, dng!