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August 27, 2006

Nucular War! Why didn't anyone tell me that a third part of the people will be killed over a fourth part of the Earth on September 12, 2006? This is information I would have liked to have had, and now I am angry! That leaves me only a little more than two weeks to spend all of my money, charge up my credit cards, and beat the living crap out of people I don't like. more inside
Who is Kilgore Trout? Kilgore Trout. bn: 1907 (to American Parents) in Bermuda where he attended Grammar School until his father's job with the Royal Ornithological Society ended and they moved to Dayton, Ohio. Married & divorced 3 times, he has one child, Leo, a Vietnam Veteran. By 1974, Trout had written 117 novels & 2,000 short stories. "Venus on the Half Shell," Kilgore Trout's masterpiece, contains therein the legend of The Space Wanderer, Simon Wagstaff. A man of virtual immortality. "Without immortality, the universe is meaningless," he said."Ethics, morality, society as a whole are just means to get through life with the least pain. They can all be reduced to one term: economy."
Cheese on tour Congratulations! - you've made it to the Web's number one site for pictures of cheese in famous places.
Sorry Princess But you'll have to wait until your 18th Birthday before Daddy can buy you new boobs. more inside
The Arty Bees Cabinet of Curious Bibliophilia Featuring such fine titles as What Bird Did That? (yes, that), The Truth About Fonzie (I don't want to know) and Jammin' ("If you can stand up on skates, you can "get down" on them.") more inside
Belgian Farting Pig. Need I say more? (google video)