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August 21, 2006

Curious George: moving to the Philippines What should I be aware of? more inside
But what about all those exploding cigar gags? Turner Broadcasting has agreed to edit scenes from classic cartoons shown on its Boomerang Classic Cartoons Network to remove sequences that glamorize smoking. more inside
911 Cover Up Video A little something has been previously mentioned, but this low-budget, one-hour-twenty-minute Google video makes a couple of claims that are interesting at least. Previously on "Monkey Wing: conspiracy theories, conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory part deux, and conspiracy theories" more inside
Why do they hate our freedoms? In which it is argued that many of the problems within the muslim community are self-made, providing a fertile ground for populist leaders. The floor is open for discussion.
Curious George: Identifying Weeds. A weed in my backyard spent this summer growing an inch a day. I've googled plenty, but can't seem to find any good sites to help me figure out what it is! Can any monkeys point me in the right direction? more inside
In the News Watchers of the news on Swedish SVT on Sunday were <insert emotion here> to see a Czech hard porn film in the background. more inside