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August 17, 2006

Sept. Toronto Meetup? Any interest in a Toronto meetup Sept 8 or 9 (Fri or Sat)?
Curious George: Is Mark Lanegan A Horrible Performer Live I say yes. He has been singing with the Twilight Singers. TS is playing E Street band tight. Lanegan mumbles and doesn't move through Live With Me, Where Did You Sleep Last Night, and (his own song) Sideways In Reverse. more inside
Read faces, spot the terrist. According to this article, Airport Security in the U.S. searches people's facial expressions. Profiling by different means. [NYT, reg. req'd.] more inside
Curious George. I need a website(s) that lists jobs in Germany for English speakers. more inside
The Forger Who Fooled the World During the exhibition, van Meegeren would loudly proclaim the painting a forgery, a crude pastiche, and listen as the finest minds of his generation persuaded him that his painting was a genuine Vermeer. His triumph was now complete. He had only to do what he had promised himself: to stand up and claim the work for himself, thereby making fools of his critics. Instead, within a month, he was working on a new forgery. Greed, sex, money, art, - the story that has it all. A great tale of what happens when talents are used for good, then evil, then . . well, that's about it really. via Arts and Letters Daily
Mental Floss Magazine's Top 25 Questions. A fun little fluff piece about those little things we just sat around and wondered about in the days before the Internets. Kind of an electronic Cliff Clavin. There's a link inside to the AOL "You've Got Mail" voiceover guy's website, where you can order custom messages.
Mythical Creatures. more inside
Scientific method for 5th graders Is microwaved water bad for plants ? Compare and contrast: . here: 2 plants (1 experiment, 1 control) . here: 48 plants (24 experiments, 24 controls) and double-blind. more inside
The BBC pronunciation blog. Via The Hat.
Penis Plants to problems solved by Macgyver, Lists of unusual deaths and films including a gory death scene, as well as strange units of measure and sexually active popes, it seems Wikipedia has an article for just about everything. And not to be outdone, a list of unusual Wikipedia articles.