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August 15, 2006

Curious George: Build a Synth It's my understanding that I can take an old PII computer running Windows 98, hook up a cheap MIDI keyboard to it and presto change-o have a grand piano or Hammond B-3 keyboard. Is that the case, if so what's the best way to do it (what software?), what else is there to do, or else what do I have wrong? more inside
FlyNinjas! Cricket Ninjas! Insects are being exploited in shocking cock-fighting experiments all over the world in order to provide insights into the behavior of a supposedly "superior" species: Homo sapiens. more inside
Sketch Swap Draw whatever you want and then click to swap yours with someone else's.
Women too hot for sushi ..... more inside
Walk into the sea. A trip to an abandoned pleasure pier
Classic Comic Ads - not to be confused with this CLASSIC PSOTS from the Monkeyfilter archives. And if you don't like that, here is a picture of me as a kid. [more inside] [more inside] more inside
Curious George: Staying in Chicago Curious George: Where should I stay in Chicago in April, 2007? more inside
Pic of Prince Harry groping a blonde