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July 30, 2006

Stop Destroying Lebanon. This is what war looks like. WARNING: Includes gruesome images of dead civilians. Baleboosteh has images from the Israeli side, mostly of military personnel. more inside
Meet Dave Rat , Roadie researcher extraordinaire. Follow him in his Adventures with the Chili Peppers. Laughs! Tears! Stacks of heavey amplifiers! more inside
Ape Shall Not Kill Ape: "Watching the violence escalate in the Middle East, as Israel advances further into Lebanon and Hezbollah missiles strike farther past the border and Hamas continues to agitate, my mind turns to the same thing all of America is thinking about – Battle for the Planet of the Apes." more inside
Dual Relief An on-off switch for chronic pain ? and Card games are not mindless. Perhaps!
Arborsmithing more inside
Photo Essay: The Evolution of the Bikini
Curious George: Exporting Opera Bookmarks! I'd like to transfer my Opera bookmarks to Firefox, but am having trouble. Please hope me! more inside
Heat Vision and Jack The full episiode of the unaired 1999 pilot starring Jack Black as an astronaut who gains super intelligence after being "exposed to solar energy" and Owen Wilson as his talking motorcycle, Heat Vision. Ben Stiller directs, introduces, and cameos. Youtube. Previously mentioned here.
Life mirrors Art again? more inside