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July 04, 2006

In honor of this, the United States of America's Day of Independence, (WARNING: COMPLETELY AWESOME WEB DESIGN), to celebrate our liberation from the lurking British menace (WARNING: PHOTOS OF WMDS) with more than a little help from General Lafayette and his noble band of cheese-eating surrender monkeys (WARNING: NSF ANN COULTER), I give you drunken foreigners that most American of July 4th traditions: The Sonnet Project. And it's written by one of our very own. more inside
Curious George. Euro Trip! more inside
Curious George - basic video editing? I have very limited needs, but also very limited personal resources. Put another way, I'm a klutz. Little help? more inside
デコトラ (decotora) Trucks as an art form. (Note about the link - site is in Japanese - just scroll down until you hit the tacky "Next" button to go to the next picture gallery. Beware of the main home page - horrible sound file embedded.) more inside
Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey How is it possible that Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey has not appeared here yet? He rides a dog, sells tacos and wrangles sheep. more inside
Modelman's models, man. Behold -Dracula! The creepy Mr.Sardonicus! The schmaltzy Hot Rod Herman! The pellet-gun worthy JFK!