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June 28, 2006

Evolution of the eye. Short video where scientist explains how the evolutionary process indeed can produce complex things such as in this case, eyes. View it and then decide if you should turn your brain-thing ON or OFF.
CueRIose gEorjeh - (sp?) I find that there are some words that I just *cannot* type correctly no matter how hard I try. more inside
Monkey Birthday + Going Away Party LA Monkeys are at it again! It's time to celebrate sexyrobot's belated birthday and new radioactive kitchen. Special Guest Stars: punk rock bathroom and new art. But that's not all! more inside
Curious George and his car tunes. Well, summer cruisin' season is upon us. Time to roll down all the wagon's windows, drape your arm over the door, and staight-arm steer at two o'clock, blasting out tunes all over the nieghbourhood and having the bass reverb dislodge all the plastic in your car. What cruisin' tunes do you prefer, to aid in your non-chalant pissing-off of everyone within earshot? more inside
Learn English as you exercise. TV in Japan presents (via YouTube) Zuiikin English. These mesmerizing videos feature a short dramatic sequence followed by phrase repetition while aerobic exercising. more inside
Valve publishes statistics from players of Half Life 2: Episode 1, collated using Steam. Warning - contains Half Life 2: Episode 1 spoilers, although you probably guessed that. more inside
Trailers of Historically Significant Films
Cur-IRC-ous George IRC hates me. Help! more inside