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May 24, 2006

A rather complete guide to rolling your own Oxygen Having problems finding Aviator's Breathing Oxygen to refill your bottle? Upset about the rip-off prices some FBOs charge for an O2 fill? Don't put up with it! more inside
Is it a disablity? Wherein our intrepid Albuquerque News Team adds (er... makes up? blurts out?) a new facet to the moving story of blind Mt. Everest climber Erik Weihenmayer. And then his reaction.
Bill Frist: Gorilla Surgeon! more inside
Good Things to Eat as Suggested by Rufus Estes. Born a slave in Tennessee in 1857, he went on to become a great chef & catered to many of the prominent figures of his day, including Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Ignace Paderewski, President Benjamin Harrison & President Grover Cleveland. In 1911 he published the first cookbook by an African-American chef. And here it is. seen at robot wisdom
In 1969 the US Senate had a hearing on funding the newly developed Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The proposed endowment was $20 million, but President Nixon wanted it cut in half because of the spending going on in the Vietnam War. This is an video clip of the exchange between Mr. Rogers and Senator Pastore, head of the hearing. (youtube video)
Golden Girls Turn Hobos Into Cold Hard Cash. Are they the Burke and Hare of the AARP set, or just another example of geezers gone wild? via
At $0.30 a pop, you have to sell a lot of photos to take that dream vacation But if they were just sitting on your hard drive anyway, is it that big of a deal? Are 'micropayment' stock photo sites like this ruining photographers' lives (and their bank accounts) or simply a sign of how the Internet is changing yet another industry?