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May 03, 2006

Quotable George: Quoth the Monkey, "Even More" Frolicky Wednesday: Name the movie the previous quote is from, then leave your own cryptic self-justifying epitaphic genius droppings. No Googling! more inside
"Electronic Roadsigns and Me" If you're bored on a quiet piece of US highway, there's always something to do.
Kev, you beaut! Have a squizz at the lyrics, the bloke's a bloody cracker. Here's a bit from me all time fave, more inside
Earthquake! Tsunami warning for various areas, including New Zealand. Yes, it's newsfilter, but ratha germane.
Texas Man Saves Pal During Raid By Chimp Never piss of an angry monkey: "His friend's hand was a mangled mess; most of it was gone. The station wagon had stalled after the driver desperately tried to ram through a gate. Now, the chimpanzee that had attacked them on an isolated mountain road in West Africa was coming at them again. "
Ask a Ninja. You got questions? Ninja got answers! Plus -- Ninja pickup lines!
Thought Experiments Suppose you could save five lives by taking one - what would be the correct thing to do? Would you kill the violinist? Would you stuff a stick of dynamite up Fat Jack's ass? Fun and games in Hypothetical Land.