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April 25, 2006

PetFilter We need more puppies and kittens around here... Howsabout we use this link to post photos of our adorable pets and discuss?
Mr. Hurt Head and other models used in medical training. Some funny, some disturbing. more inside
The premier web site for tea drinkers who are keen on sitting down and biscuits. more inside
There's never a half-brick handy when you want one. Pilot gets trapped (before take off) in plane by dodgy canopy. Arf.
Whatever Dude... From 2001 to 2003, the internets' early Cenozoic, there was a fantastic time vacuum called 'Whatever-Dude'... more inside
Nauru is a tiny island nation (the smallest republic in the world, even) in the South Pacific that is about to collapse. The island has been purged of its one asset -- phosphate deposits from bird guano -- and after a century and a half of mismanagement the deposits are about to dry up. Meanwhile the country can barely afford to provide fresh water and electricity to the citizens and the vegetation has been stripped back to bare coral. Parts of it are still beautiful, and apparently tourist-worthy. more inside