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April 24, 2006

Ladies' Night or Set-up? A bar in Maryland decided to open its doors only to women between 9-11PM this past Saturday night, while offering 1ยข beers, funnels and other cheap drunkenness-enablers. Then at 11, the men were let in. Was it a chance for women to bond, man-free? Or was it throwing chum to the sharks?
Retro viral? Research leaves one mired in information, much of it speculative. Could this be an illness related to modern high density populations or has it been with us throughout history? "Researchers have long suspected and searched for a virus as the cause. It is now suspected that chronic fatigue syndrome, like cancer, represents a cluster of clinically distinct diseases whose origins may lie in a combination of factors: one or more viruses, environmental toxins, stress and genetic predisposition."
Pimpfants. This is a joke, right? Right? more inside
Don't trash the 'stache? There was a lot of talk about NDP Leader Jack Layton's moustache in the last Canadian election and the one before, about facial hair in politics as it relates to perceptions of trustworthiness and authenticity, blah blah blah. But what about facial hair as it relates to a woman? more inside
Could this be the WORST music video EVAR? (Google video). It is quite likely this 80's Finnish pop vid called "I Wanna Love You Tender" by Armi and Danny is the worst music video ever made. If it isn't, it's in the top 5. What puts it over the top? The superb dance group, their costumes & choreography. The set appears to be from Starcrash. Komea!
DarwinFilter When you lock yourself out of the house and rappel nude down the inside of the chimney with the cable TV line, as they say, hilarity ensues. Yes, drugs were involved.