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April 10, 2006

Monkeys Get The Blues. How do scientists know when a monkey is depressed? It turns out that "it's really not rocket science."
Why is it always the low-level, disgruntled employees that are causing trouble?
Nepal Government cuts Cell Phone Network before Protests. In an effort to stop a pro-Democracy rally, the government of Nepal killed cell phone service nationwide and some internet mere hours before the protests were to begin. Cell phones have become integral to protest planning. more inside
The .EU Landrush Fiasco What happens when you match an inept registry with crafty businessmen? The answer is a really large scam. This is what is taking place with the “landrush” introduction of the new .EU top level domain name.
Tangpagne. Good for if you're an exceptionally cheap drunk and/or convict.
Mangold Hurling - Thank you for your interest in ballistic root vegetables. Mangold Hurling is the sport of lobbing the mangold-wurzel. It requires skill, strength, alcoholism & cunning. Via Lactating Bivalves more inside
Thirty eight years ago, the Wahine went down. One of the worst storms in Wellington's history, with two cyclones colliding over the city, whipped up winds reported between 160 and 270 km/h in the Cook Straight and Wellington harbour; the overnight ferry from Lyttleton to Wellington sailed into the mess with tragic results.
Neato tunes! I thought that monkeydom might enjoy this page of mp3 goodies. Cool, weird music for you and your loved ones.