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March 31, 2006

An "underwater holocaust" has been ravaging Caribbean coral reefs over the past several months. "The prognosis is not good... If you want to see a coral reef, go now, because they just won't survive in their current state." More evidence for global warming? Sorry for the CNN newsfilter, but this made one of my nerves start to twitch...
Make your own Chevy Tahoe commercial Chevy has an internet contest where they ask you to piece together a commercial for the Chevy Tahoe. This being the internet, some people have used the site to express certain dislike for low mileage SUVs. (from metafilter) more inside
Guitar Shred Show: The way of the exploding solo! "Mr. Fastfinger reveals the arts and secrets of the electric guitar to all." Inspired by StoryBored's FPP below. Tear it up, grasshopper!
Who's da Blues-Playing Monkey? You are! You are! ♫♪ Well, well, stannnndin at the crossroads, no bananas in mmmy haaaand ♪♫♪ I say, stannnndin at the crossroads, raaain, rain, rollin, ramblin, roll up the rim...oo, ooo, I'm looonely. ♫♪ Thank you, God bless, and good night.
The Smitten A mitten for two! Awww! It's so cute I think I'm gonna retch!
Vintage cartoons, free. Better than Flash Friday -- it's Flash Gordon! Except, without the flash gordon part. But there's Super Man, early Bugs, Betty Boop, all kinds of stuff to keep you from working today. Enjoy! more inside
Orbox B Friday Flash fia FeFi
Mookie Jubblies: name generator -o-rama A little Phriday Phun for my PinkyBarfbuns friends. more inside
Spectral classification is used to identify the different types of stars (O, B, A, F, G, K, M). Students use a mnemonic to help remember the type and order. more inside
Senate Gets the Best Help As you know, members of both parties are getting tough on immigration. more inside
Jill Carroll released by captors. "It's important people know that I was not harmed," she said. (via Bookslut.) More from the Christian Science Monitor, Carroll's employer.
Batman Onomatopeia. I just...no words.
Curious George: goofiest sex terms you've heard? Whether you're interests lay in jilling off, scissor fighting, or in a 5 digit disco, some of those sex terms might come in handy if someone asks if you want to be a GSQ.