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March 28, 2006

McGovern says Iraq, Vietnam same war "The Vietnam War was his issue when he won the 1972 Democratic Party nomination for president. He recently reviewed his campaign speeches focusing on that war, concluding, 'Today, you can just cross out Vietnam and write in Iraq. It’s the same thing. That insurgency kept rolling in Vietnam the longer we stayed.'” Compare and Contrast (pdf) html version Show your work. more inside
The Outbursts of Everett True
Uh-oh! This can't lead to anything good. Any monkeys speak Arabic? In search of some reading material? This is your chance to tie Saddam to MetaFilter or the Boy Scouts or whatever. (New York Times) more inside
The God Fossil. "For the past 20 years, a small cadre [of scientists and social scientists] has been working on explaining religion as a product of evolution itself. These anthropologists and psychologists wonder if the nearly universal human tendency to believe in gods is a kind of programming that resulted from natural selection."
Litigious George: We live next to a construction site. Last Wednesday, they decided to remove some trees that were right on their side of the property. Along the way, they dismantled my fence and removed some wood from my property... more inside
<b>Curious, George</b>-Nasty Food, International. Monkeys of all nations-- tell me what are the culinary embarrassments of your particular culture? (Cheesy center inside) more inside
What makes good TV? Apparently it's adults suffering from ALS and kids with Progeria or Down's Syndrome, victims of hate crimes and home invasions, and a crew of kind folks willing to make it all better. via.
Warren Gamaliel Harding once choked a man just for stealin' The teapot dome scandal - perhaps the most circus like of American scandals,included kickbacks, bribes, murder, suicide, bribery. Oh, it's no Enron, but it had President Warren G. Harding choking Charles Forbes shouting, "You yellow rat! You double-crossing bastard!" Harding was so complex and disturbed a man he had four (count 'em: four!) mysteries and to top it off: a mysterious death more inside