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March 23, 2006

Curious George: Proctology. Why does a doctor decide to specialize in proctology? Is there professional interest in rectums, anuses, and colons? Are graduate classes for it cheap? Or are they paid better than other specialties? I want to put on my gloves and get to the bottom of this!
Barbara Bush Donates to Katrina Fund Lovely. She also specifies that the "undisclosed amount" must go to education. Spiffy. Specifically, to her son Neil's company. Oh. more inside
Political George: For all our talk in Canadia about America mucking with our politics, how much influence do they really have in our policy making? How at risk are we of Americanization? more inside
Who's Alive and Who's Dead? A nice but depressing website that tells you which famous people of a certain age are still breathing and which ones have shuffled off the mortal coil. Frequently updated. Settle all your bar bets here. You can sort by category. Apologies if this is a double. I searched and didn't see it but it seems so MoFi that I wouldn't be surprised.
Curious, George: "What's So Civil 'Bout War, Anyway?": I'm researching the American Civil War and the Reconstruction. I'm having trouble figuring out who this Johnny Reb guy is, but he seems to be everywhere, man! more inside
If only I looked better in tights... Stan Lee is teaming up with the SciFi channel to come up with his next comic book idea. As Mrs. Moondoggie told me: "Can you imagine what that casting calls going to look like?" Yes, I've sheltered her from the horrors of cosplay. via more inside
Graphic pain, may not be safe for some. This is insane. I can't imagine being able or willing to sit through this. This kid has a love for pain.
A step-by-step guide to using the greatest spread in the world. (If you don't agree, you're just an uncultured barbarian, and probably a Seppo.)
Vermonts platform cairns and stone chambers are mysterious lithic features that are not well known, but have caught the attention of archaeoastronomers and are even the basis of a horror novel.
Lieberman Flips Out On Talk Radio Joementum may just of had his Howard Dean moment. more inside
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