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March 19, 2006

Johnny Lydon On Jimmy Kimmel The Rotten Man tells Kimmel why the Sex Pistols refused their induction to the Rock $ Roll Hall of Fame.
Elmyr de Hory: the greatest art forger of the 20th century. more inside
SUPER COLOSSAL .. Satriani - brilliant as ever! Listen here to entire CD.
Spielberg Inc. Gives Apache Girl $325,000 Haircut
Architecture against Death. Because "people, particularly old people, shouldn't relax and sit back to help them decline". more inside
Cuba and Japan will face each other in the inaugural World Baseball Classic final tomorrow. With Japan finally beating Korea in their third meeting, and Cuba beating the Dominican Republic, the World Baseball Classic is about to end.
The Lulu Blooker Prize : serious literary venture, or shameless attempt to draw more hapless victims into self-publishing their worthless maunderings?
Futurama is going to be renewed for television with 26 episodes. According to Billy West.
A large and previously unknown reservoir of water ice may have been found below the surface of Mars, new radar observations suggest. You can use the new Google Mars to prospect the sites for yourself. You'll have to, because the astonishing longevity of the twin Martian Rovers looks to be coming to an end, and they won't be able to help you. more inside
La liberté Also known as civil war. more inside
Stolen Van Gogh returned, seven years later.
Collection of WWII booklets from Stars and Stripes. Stars & Stripes published a series of G.I. Stories of the Ground, Air, and Service Forces in Paris in 1944-1945. Each booklet was approximately 32 pages in length and small enough to fit in a uniform pocket and to conveniently mail home. Originals of these booklets are getting very expensive, but the page has links to most of them online.
Mind-opening lectures on the physiology of stress. The work of Robert Sapolsky.
1972 Documentary on ARPAnet, the precursor of the modern internet. This is a Google video approx 30 min. Rather piercing moog Mozart at the beginning. more inside