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February 27, 2006

Boing Boing to net-censors: Get bent! Instead of kowtowing to organazations trying to make the Web "safe" for kindergarteners everywhere, BoingBoing has declared war on Secure Computing's SmartFilter, because they were classified as a "nudity" site, despite 99.6% of their content being nudity-free, and the other 0.4% comprised (primarily, we all know about Xeni's posts) of artistic expression, including Michaelangelo's David. As a result, users in the UAE, Qatar, and even in the USA have been blocked from seeing ANY content from the site, not just the allegedly offensively naked posts. This is a big deal: who do you want deciding what websites you (or your kids) to see? more inside
Bugs of Mass Destruction Several countries in the past (and not so distant past) have used insects infected with diseases such as plague, cholera and malaria as weapons to - well basically kill a lot of people. The first recorded incident was allegedly in 600 BC. And in keeping in line with the original article which rambles from point to point, here is an in-depth look at the possible causes of the infamous 10 Plagues of Egypt. more inside
King of the C-List celebrities, Don Knotts dead at 81. Thought he was way older, or at least, was 81 for a really long time already. Gracias por todos las memorias, Don!
Baghdad Burning: Volatile Days. Read up the latest posts from Riverbend , please.
Curious George: Time Travel Novels . more inside
Horse-O-Phonic 8-Track for Horses ...here you can see what the horsephonic looked when I walked through small towns and countryside with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Christie and other similar cool tapes playing loud...
Life For Change aims overall to end poverty, beginning $100 at a time. Submit your original writing, get votes, earn money.
The Obakemone Project:. Japanese monsters and odd beasts. Some seem to be ghosts.
Neocon architect says: 'Pull it down.' Francis Fukuyama, who wrote the best-selling book The End of History and was a member of the neoconservative project, now says that . . . the movements' advocates are Leninists who "believed that history can be pushed along with the right application of power and will. Leninism was a tragedy in its Bolshevik version, and it has returned as farce when practised by the United States". more inside
Airstream Basecamp (I want)
Smashing bumpkins. Video of Billy Corgan's July 2000 appearance on ECW, in the ring with Lou E. Yes, really.
A nice time-waster, Captioner is a smart but stupid thing to have some (TINY URL WARNING!!!!!)* fun with. * had to, real URL was too long for MoFi.