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February 15, 2006

Oil Execs Formed US Energy Policy , something that was long suspected and denied (but not under oath). In fact, the Oil Cartels are doing a heckuva job, with Exxon in particular making the highest record profits of any company ever in the history of the world. The POTUS is concerned however, saying "Here we have a serious problem: America is addicted to oil" but don't worry. He'll give them 7 Billion to think about what they've done. more inside
Curious George: USB wi-fi adapter for an old iBook. I've got an old iBook, running OSX, and I want to get wireless access. Anybody know a USB wi-fi adapter that'll work with my machine with minimal tinkering? more inside
Let the Eagle soar... Our favourite ski-jumper (allright, the only one I can even name), Eddie the Eagle, talks a bit with the ceeb about what he's been up to lately.
Okay, it's juvenile. It's not new, hot, topical, or anything. I just find this to be a very funny book cover. more inside
Richard Dawkins multimedia links This is a collection of links to video and audio files of Richard Dawkins weighing in on a variety of topics, including science, religion, revenge, and Douglas Adams. The same site has links for James Randi, Michael Shermer, Steven Pinker and a couple other skeptics. (MP3s, RealPlayer files, QT movies)
No smoking please we're British, er, I mean, English Finally the UK Govt. Has woken up and smelt the nicotine and gone for a TOTAL ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces. This is good news for all, especially me , an non smoker, as I play in a band in places where smoking is currently permitted. Thanks UK Govt., yer done somthing right for a change!!!
Slime control - What's bright yellow, slimy, several metres in diameter, hides in dark, moist, humid places, responds to food sources by moving towards and engulfing them? Oh! and has just been given six legs by engineers. Physarum polycephalum
Babylon 5's Katsulas Passes - Andreas Katsulas, the character actor who was outstanding as G'Kar on Babylon 5 and Tomalak the Romulan on Star Trek, memorable in everything he did, lost his battle with lung cancer on Feb 13. :( more inside
(DISTURBING IMAGES)Several new photos taken in the notorious Abu Gharib prison have been released, more will be released on Australian TV tonight. more inside
Where's my bunny? If you liked the Unitarian Jihad/Gift of Song video, you'll LOVE this! Otherwise, I you might wish to run the other way. No nudity this time, but there is some, er, violence. Embedded video.