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February 08, 2006

Have you seen this man?
Craigslist sued over housing ad bias A Chicago fair housing group has sued ... Craigslist for ... publishing discriminatory advertisements. more inside
Curious George: Domain Renewal Has anyone had a domain expire? Did you get it back? If so, how? more inside
Foul death prevented, not by strangling the chicken, but blowing it. more inside
Alan J. Shalleck, co-author of Curious George, found dead.
Ooops. How guilty would you feel? "This is not what I wanted to happen." Chalk one up to the laws of unintended consequences.
Justifications of genocide by Savitri Devi on flawlesslogic.com - don't let any names fool you here. Note the impact of the social climate on her 15 year old Bengali servant and his willingness to believe what older kids tell him - not your average Hitler Youth. [WARNING: NSFW - RACIST PROPAGANDA SITE] more inside
Prozac babies. (redux) Prozac is a completely honest, good, and rightly drug that would never do anything untoward to you. Honest.
Curious George: moving past point-and-click I own a Canon A40 Powershot and I'm thinking about spending some money to take a greater variety of photos. more inside
Furious George. Win98 problem -- I tried to keep from posting here. more inside