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January 20, 2006

Tales of Old China - complete books, cartoons, photographs, maps, postcards, literary references and quotes and a whole lot more.
Every Vote in Congress since 1991 Wonky for a Friday, I know, but this site from the Washington Post is pretty cool if you want to look at US congressional votes. Broken down by representative, senator, state, bill, and - yes - astrological sign. Yes, i fucking got it from MeFi more inside
Curious George: Silent Auction I've volunteered to put together a set of items for a silent auction, and I'd like to do something interesting. more inside
Next on CourtTV, Jesus Christ! Fable or fact? Italian courts must decide.
I have discovered that while humor can have its limits, fear has no limits. I could not suppress the volume of terror that this film conveys. Sounds like fun, eh? More info here.
Anti-static George The plan was that I would begin to assemble my new computer tomorrow, but I can't find a single shop in this god-forsaken-place that sells anti-static armbands. more inside
Curious George: Neighbors Always Have Horrible Taste? Yesterday, my neighbors had their music turned up and while it wasn't excessively loud, or bothersome, they were listening to horrible music. So I got to thinking, no matter where I have lived, my neighbors have ALWAYS played crappy music. Why is it that neighbors always have such bad taste in music? ...unless of course you are my neighbor, in which case your neighbor has excellent taste in music...
Big Brother "contestant" has monkey fur coat Originally thought to be from Gorilla fur, Big Brother contestant and ex-pop star Pete Burns' coat turns out to be a Colobos Monkey after all! Police investigation, outrage, fights, tears - all in a days work for Big Brother (oh, Dennis Rodman is in there too!)
There's a whale in the Thames! Lucky London Monkeys get all the fun. It's a Northern Bottlenosed Whale. Hope the big fella's OK.
Child Support! So let's say you get blind drunk, pass out, get put into a strange bed for the night, wake up the next morning, and subsequently discover that a woman had sex with you and got pregnant. Are you liable for child support? more inside
Notes on the denial of perspective. By Felice Varini