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January 12, 2006

Sony catches teh ghey. Docking with Wilderness Media to start a fabulous new record label. more inside
Corbu was completely batshit loco. Le Corbusier, godfather of modernism, liked to bind his books in dog.
Music Search Thingy Enjoy it while it lasts. via J-Walk
Basquiat-ball shoes According to the press release, the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat has struck a deal with Reebok to release a line of shoes called Reeboppers.
Green pigs . Now all we need is the green eggs. more inside
Hundreds Crushed to death in the Middle East W T F ???? Didnt this like, happen last year??
Anonymous, George: Publishing Deal? I have been approached by a reader of my blog who is an acquisitions editor for a smallish but not academic press. She wants me to write a non-fiction book about a feminist topic (I don't want to get too much more detailed or it'd be relatively easy to search this). I could not have imagined this outcome in my wildest dreams and have been trying to find out a couple of things since then -- namely, how much money can I expect from a deal like this, considering that I'm a first-timer and that it's a well-respected, mid-size but not huge publisher (if it helps, it's an imprint of Avalon Publishing)? more inside
Curious George I guess anyone who owns or is owned by one knows that they run the household and anybody who has shared with a cat knows that reading a newspaper is impossible! You can only read the bits in the paper that the cat doesn't lie on - has anybody elses feline (or other pet) adapted to the computer thing - i mean my personal feline hell now knows exactly where to lie so the optical mouse doesn't work - oh or how to 'help' me type if she feels so inclined (and no distractions of favourite toy etc do not work!) more inside
Whilst not native to Australia, Gnomes are reportedly migrating from Europe and Britain to make a new start in “new lands” where the impact of pollution is less. Gnome numbers in Europe are on the decrease and drastic action was required. more inside
Canadian Election: Conservative victory? The latest poll results -- can they be relied on? Or are voters just giving Liberal Leader Martin a pre-poll scare? According to the story, the Conservatives may even be ready to take some seats in Quebec. How does this affect your voting strategy? I voted Green last time, this time I'm leaning Liberal. more inside
Curious George: Pranking. Me and some of my friends are planning to prank a friend by acting as if I had never existed, and we need to change some stuff on the prankee's computer to remove evidence of my existence. more inside
La Historia Del Mamut/The Story Of The Mammoth - A song in Spanish about a mammoth. A warning to college students. Even if you don't speak Spanish, it's worth seeing this. NSFW. (warning:embedded flash movie, sound required, addicting song). more inside
Obsessive... most obsessive... I give you, the Bag End dollhouse. more inside