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January 10, 2006

Honda Monkey Limited Chrome Monkey... "Feels so cool." [via]
Hello monkeyfilter we are meeting up in London and we would like you to come too please. more inside
Judge Alito's Confirmation Hearings Live drama available via webcast on the linked site, or Here at NPR. More News at the NYT. more inside
Man sues over chatroom humiliation. If he wins, I'll see you all in court. more inside
Ted Kennedy writes a book. 'Profiles in Courage' it ain't. But that's ok. more inside
Phoenix Wright create-an-OBJECTION! Yes, it's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and you can create a custom objection by typing in your shit here! Or here for Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, or here for Mia Fey! FLASH - NSFW cos of what my objection says. more inside
Would you have dropped the bomb? With each passing decade, the anniversary of the atomic bombings provokes a debate over whether the United States made the right choice. But this crucial question is almost always considered in the abstract. A far more difficult task is to assume personal responsibility. With that in mind, the Bulletin sought out noteworthy thinkers with backgrounds in history, theology, physics, and diplomacy and posed a single, provocative question: "If the decision had been yours alone to make, would you have dropped the bomb?" more inside
Ancient Planetary Model Animations. Fool around with ancient systems of cosmology and astronomy. Downloadable for Windows and Mac with adjustable speeds and zoom-able. (Flash req'd)
Explore new and interesting Korean licensed characters. Rpeng and Bini! The denizens of Western Macaroni Island! For those who enjoy Sanrio but want something different. more inside
Masses of Tutorials 26 on PaintShop Pro, 2330 Photoshop, 68 CSS, 922 Flash.. gosh, just myriads.