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January 09, 2006

monkey mondays [via].
WAR! YTMND.com goes to battle against Ebaum's world over the latter's petty theft of Lindsay Lohan! Mayhem, DoS attacks and I believe you have my stapler? Ensue! WARNING: sound fx, etc more inside
North Star actually three. Twin suns of Tatooine? Pfft! more inside
Fictitious autibiographies, fictitious authors. An interesting confluence of events--The Smoking Gun starts out looking for a nice mugshot of James Frey (author of the drug addiction memoir A Million Little Pieces) and discovers that real life just doesn't compare to the details in his book. At the same time, more stories on the identity of JT Leroy have popped up. What is worse, a fake memoir or a fake author? Or does it really matter as long as people enjoy the books?
Wandering George: selling the farm I'm pretty seriously thinking of selling my farm. I am, to say the least, inexperienced at this kind of thing. Do any monkeys out there have any tips? more inside
Cook an egg using your mobile phone. Via Metachat.
Rodney Matthews. Roger Dean. Yoshitako Amano. Christos Achilleos. Ian Miller. (science fiction and fantasy illustrators)
Rude place names. Embrace your inner adolescent. See also: Rude food names.
Sweet, Sweet Mouse Revenge. Serves the cruel bastard right.
The Grandiloquent Dictionary: A collection of rare and obscure words in the English language, as well as a few "untranslatables."
Tempbot. A short film with breathtaking CG work by a gentleman named Neill Blomkamp, previously known for the excellent Tetra Vaal short (which uses the same 3D robot model). (Both links Quicktime, embedded) Here, the model is used to superb effect, and I found the entire thing heartbreaking. Bonus points: look for ex-Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as the (inexplicably) VERY lonely neighbor.