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January 07, 2006

The Sony Reader. The latest attempt at e-book technology. Word is it'll be out later this year for US$300-US$500. The Reader supposedly uses some kind of e-ink which means very high res. Couldn't find numbers though.
Whose Line Is It Anyway? - some of the funnier moments on the American version of the show. more inside
The LEGO Roller Coaster - Some facts about it: • Average scale speed from the top of the elevator to the station is about 65 mph, or 105 kph. • Estimated scale speed at terminal velocity at the bottom of the first hill is 140 mph or 225 kph. • 2 sections of 4.5 volt track was used almost every one section of length, or about 240 sections total (480 rail pieces). more inside
Araucaria Araucana, aka, the Monkey Puzzle. [PDF] more inside
Before there were dashboard CD players there was 16 rpm. You may know it as that setting on old record players that made Peter Frampton sound like Satan. But in 1956 Chevrolet teamed with inventor Peter Goldmark to create the granddaddy of modern car stereos. Unfortunately customers weren't interested in funking it up on the new Interstates, and the gadget was dropped. Except for the government's talking books program, 16 rpm quickly faded into obscurity.
Kiva. A very cool way to help people in developing countries (currently East Africa only) start, maintain, or expand their businesses.
MeFi/MoFi/Mecha Meetup: Now with DaShiv! Three great tastes that taste great together. Be a part of the first inaugural Metafilter, Monkeyfilter and MetaChat meetup, featuring the talented DaShiv and his roving camera of joy. more inside
Is who? Napoleon's Explosive.