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January 03, 2006

retrievr Draw a picture, and it will find flickr photos that look similar. this just ate hours of my day.
Retouching a magazine cover. [Flash] An explanation of photography retouching produced for the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. more inside
Curious George: How long does exposed 35mm film last? A few weeks ago, when clearing out my late father's stuff, I found a metal 35mm film canister. This has a screw cap labelled 'ILFORD Refill - open in darkroom'. I opened it (nothing to lose) and found what appears to be an exposed roll of 35mm film in it's cartridge. I assume it's exposed, because it doesn't have a 'tail' of film hanging out. The film itself is labelled 'ADOX KB 17 PANCHRO 17/10deg DIN, 32 ASA, 28deg SCH.' with a big '20' and 'made in Germany'. I suspect it dates from the early 1960's. What do photograpic MoFites suggest? Is it worth taking it to be developed? Would it be perished and unusable? I know nothing of these (and many other) things.
Time for the nominations for the 2006 Bloogie Awards Anyone you care to nominate?
Tolkien Norse Rip-Off Purity Petition or T.N.R.O.P.P. First is for the states that is the fan of Tolkien who is for the writes of manys and longs as are good of stories which is for the nice and excitings of reads! BUT is the very annoys that is ripping off or as is called STEALING lots or more of Norse legends for is writing. Is the the very angry of the makes of THE DWARF when is readings of the sames in two books.
How to Hunt Deer with a 12 pound Howitzer Cannon
Mercedes Benz back on top!!! (pdf). After a disappointing third place showing in 2004, MB is back again. Thanks to being mentioned 100 times in the lyrics of the top 20 songs in the Billboard chart. more inside
My Outsourced Life. A.J. Jacobs of Esquire outsources increasingly personal tasks to India. more inside