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July 31, 2005

Citizenspook on TreasonGate: 'The controlling law for Treasongate has been greatly ignored by the main stream media and the blogosphere. This article seeks to clarify the controlling law... The complicated "Intelligence Identities Protection Act" of 1982 which has been exclusively discussed by the media is not controlling. Rove and company may be guilty of violating that act, but prior United States Code statutory law and Federal case law, specifically 18 USC 793 as interpreted by United States v. Morison (and related cases) has been breached and should lead to convictions under the facts known to the public at large. 18 USC 793 provides for a maximum of ten years in prison to those convicted under this statute.' more inside
Natural History Illustrations :::Bibliomaniac is as best I can tell, a Japanese site devoted to displaying 19th century natural history book illustrations. The site includes modest collections of insects, animals, flowers, birds and sea creatures among others. They range from the beautiful to the freaky. There are a couple of pages of not quite so natural histories as well.
English as She is Spoke. By far the worst phrasebook in the world.

July 30, 2005

http://www.stackopolis.com/play/ Build your monuments before the time runs down. Addictive.
The World's Most Efficient Refridgerator? Not sure how practical it is, but it's a cool idea and a great example of the DIY side of energy conservation.
How to make an Ocarina from card - You will need a sheet of card, a pair of scissors, craft knife or such-like, glue, straight edge or steel ruler, something to cut on, and opposable thumbs. Then you can blow on it and go blooble bloople oopleoooh etc, and annoy everyone for hours on end.
Short-notice NYC MoFi meetup? August 1? more inside
Understanding pop music OC Weekly has a helpful critical analysis of “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani. more inside
Seductive cow! Bovines envious of all the action the horses have been getting? Here's some ungulate lingerie!
Professed love simultaneously mixed with utter condemnation. Fundamentalism explained by an ex-fundamentalist. more inside
Planet X Found! Get the facts and begin saucer boarding procedures. And whatever did happen to good old Niburu?
Filthy, funny, flawed, gorgeous Blog made up of brilliant little short short short stories.
"It was a call from her best friend that woke her up. ‘Quick, turn on the telly! There’ve been explosions all over London'. She watched in horror as her beloved city was plunged into chaos. Bodies were retrieved, places cordoned off and a deep sense of shock had taken over.
more inside

July 29, 2005

Happy 6th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. "Gift ideas - What to avoid: Promotional marketing gifts (known as "Swag" or "Schwag") with your OWN company's corporate logo on it. I've already got it. When I signed for the box, I opened it and helped myself. I've got plenty of [ CoffeeCups | MousePads | Pens | SweatShirts | NylonJackets | GolfBalls | MemoPads | TeeShirts ] for my whole family."
Adopt a penguin. Since you can't actually buy a penguin, this is the next best thing. You can name your own Magellanic penguin, and have a sign displayed over its burrow. They are not the most threatened species of penguin, but they do face some challenges. more inside
Passenger exposes himself on commuter flight. The stewardess offerred him a drink. He showed her he already had nuts. (Via obscurestore) more inside
Our blurry Capitol: I was showing my brother-in-law the fly-by coolness of Google Earth when we noticed that the Capitol looked a little pixelated. Took a stroll over to the White House and saw what looks like a really bad photoshopping job. more inside
Turnabout is the GreasemonkIE for Internet Explorer I use firefox so I don't care but if you want to remix websites and you cling to Microsoft browsing then there's a way to catch up with the cool kids.
Sheath Cleaning: Have you done your gelding/stallions lately? Check to make sure there are no prospective boyfriends, elderly neighbors, or Brownie troops with a line of sight to the proceedings. Though of course they're probably going to show up unexpectedly ANYWAY once you're in the middle of things. Prepare a good explanation.
Commonplace Books Yale's Beinicke Library has a nice collection of digital images of commonplace books. more inside
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