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December 31, 2005

Curious George: Year in Review. What was the best and worst of 2005? Music, movies, news stories, humanitarian efforts, personal accomplishments, best/worst memories (if you want to share), anything at all. How did 2005 rate for you?
Curious George: Weird Yahoo Messenger problem Recently my computer seems to be signing me back into Yahoo Instant Messenger AFTER I have signed out. Anyone ever had this problem? more inside
Isn't it `Happy New Year to all Monkeys' time? 2006 anyone? more inside
This is what online reviews are for. One man's quest to share his faith through Amazon product reviews. Good for a giggle. As a Christian, I will buy everything he likes. Because of Jesus. Via the ever-vigilant Mrs. Tool. more inside
Curious Resolutions 2006 : So what are your New Years Resolutions? If you actually try to make any, that is?
Video Game Music Remixed. Over 1300 mixes, from Altered Beast to Zelda. more inside
The Ten Movies Steven Spielberg Has Yet To Make Imagine for a second it is Opposite Day. Imagine we're in some kind of Twilight Zone parallel universe in which Hollywood gives Arabs and Muslims a fair shake. What kind of movies about the Middle East would we then be chomping Goobers, Junior Mints, and popcorn to at the local twenty screen multiplex?
At last! It's the William Shatner DVD Club! The William Shatner DVD Club provides you with a selection of rare and compelling Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror films, personally selected by William Shatner! Get William Shatner's opinion before you go to the theatre or watch it on DVD! Which is good, because I want to know what Bill Shatner thinks before I make up my own mind.
The Legend Of Zelda Characters Dancing. Wtf. Just Wtf. SFW. While on the topic of odd Nintendo videos..there http://img389.exs.cx/img389/8459/109579763519418px.swf