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December 14, 2005

Curious George: Image Slideshow effect? Webmasters: I need to display a series of images one after another in a loop. Just a simple effect right? I've had lots of trouble finding out how to do it . . . more inside
Curious George: Favourite Christmas Memories It's been a long while since I've had singularly memorable Christmas memories. Thinking back, though, I do have some good ones. What are yours?
Russian Climbing
Intel Motherboard George: GO! I need to buy 10, count them 10, new Intel "Cherry Creek" Motherboards (Part Number: D915PCY or D915PCYL) and I need them, like, yesterday. I have been calling Computer Parts Distributors ALL DAY. I wish to harness the Google Fu of many a monkey! I will send a 6 Pack of gorgeous Beamish stout made here in Cork, Ireland to the lucky monkey who finds me an online eTailer who has them in stock. THANKS!
Campaign 2006: Beer? Or Kids? In this, the dullest Canadian Election yet (a title which is ironically a more interesting contest than this snoozefest), there's only been one bit of excitement -- an offhand quote about kiddie-care allowances being used to buy 'beer and popcorn'. Well, the inevitable e-petitions have arrived: those in favour of kids, and those in favour of beer. more inside
Curious George Recently my mac has been reporting a lot of CPU useage (40%+ as reported by SysStat widget) by a process called "Isof". Spotlight can't find anything related to it, and I don't remember seeing it before this week (I've had the computer since the summer). Any ideas what's going on? more inside
The Wittenham Hill Cider Page Andrew Lea really knows a lot about fermenting apples. If you're at all interested in makin' cider, give this page a look. more inside
Bush in the Bubble Newsweek article on the insularity of the Bush White House, comparisons to good other Presidents' styles and a smattering of current scuttlebutt. Bush may be the most isolated president in modern history, at least since the late-stage Richard Nixon. It's not that he is a socially awkward loner or a paranoid. He can charm and joke like the frat president he was. Still, beneath a hail-fellow manner, Bush has a defensive edge, a don't-tread-on-me prickliness. more inside
Punk photos. A Flickr photoset by Andy Rosen, featuring some classic punk, new wave and New Romantic stars. more inside
Curbside at the WTO "a unique frontline perspective on the WTO meetings being held in Hong Kong" (Last link is to webcasts of the public sessions). Third World Network offers three briefings (in not so handy .doc format, links top of page) critical of the talks' agenda.
South Park Generator ...Really hope this is not a double...I totally searched, I swears.
Chimps are smarter than preschoolers. When given unessesary steps to a puzzle, chimps figure out to do away with them. Children to not.
Web Site Takes a Happy Approach to News. This is the kind of thing (the site could easily be renamed PutYourHeadInTheSand.com) that makes me ashamed to be a human being. But here it is: HappyNews.com. Be sure to check out the hard-hitting "Secret Santa exchanges made easier" expose!
Big Brother Is Watching You! A secret military database on war protests, labed as "suspicious activities." Newsfilter.
Meet the World: A Brazilian artist plays around with a few of the world's flags.