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December 08, 2005

Yo, Joe! Formerly Quickkick Theatre, the Joe Guide is an obsessively detailed guide to the G.I. Joe comic book and cartoon series.
Learn how to please a lady by pleasing a rabbit. A video game rabbit. "Players tickle, touch, tap, and stroke... They can also talk, sing and blow on the bunny's fur using the device's built-in microphone." via boingboing more inside
Big Brains Mean Tiny Testicles Ya rly. You may begin the Quality vs. Quantity debate.... now.
What is the purpose of the internets? A delightful exigesis on the true purpose of the intarwebs.[NSFW][embedded video with singing] more inside
Liberal Election Promise - Ban Hand Guns Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is expected later today to announce a Liberal election promise to ban hand guns in Canada. Next on the list - making heroin and drunk driving illegal in Canada - think of the problems that would disappear if that happened!
John Lennon 1940 - 1980 Amazing - 25 years ago. Where have those years gone? If he survived Mark Chapmans bullets (4 in total) what would John be doing today?
WAL and CO. Let "The Dog" speak for himself, Line-up ..
Sinterklaasfood The feast of Sinterklaas is relatively well-known by know. (that blue site recently had their annual Zwarte Piet-hooplah). One small part of that tradition is the getting of chocolate letters, usually the first letter of your firstname. more inside