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December 01, 2005

OzFilter George- Traveling Down Under for the first time and have three days to "kill" in Sydney. (more inside) more inside
Sexterminate! (NSFW, as if you'd have thought otherwise) Daleks groping ladies! BBC bans it from eBay! more inside
Beerious George: Formaldehyde? *hic* I've been told by 3 separate bartenders that draught beer has formaldehyde in it, that's why they only drink from bottles. A Google search shows at best that there may be two reasons for formaldehyde being in beer. (1) Can manufacturing and (2) ethanol breakdown. Are either harmful enough to avoid draught beer? more inside
The War on Terror and Drugs. At first it all seems innocent enough...then you look closer. "The War Against Terror and The War On Drugs" is a series of digital art prints by Nigel Ayers.
First World AIDS Day: CBC archive A short clip from December 1st, 1988, the first World AIDS Day (with a Canadian focus). Also of interest from the CBC archives are two pages of radio and video clips (21 in all) on the early years of the disease. x-posted to MeFi
The FBI's top ten art crimes (at least going back 15 years). François Toulour not specifically mentioned, but you can see evidence of his handiwork.
TISWAS - If you grew up in the Southern UK in the 70s-80s, you know exactly what Tiswas was was, and images of The Cage, the Phantom Flan Flinger, Lenny Henry, Chris Tarrant, Sally James' tits, people covered in gunge, and Sylvester McCoy pre-Dr Who dressed as a sunflower getting doused in horse shit or having nails driven into his nose while gurning spring instantly to mind. If you're from anywhere else in the world, you will have no idea, and trying to explain this Saturday morning kids' show to you will be largely like me trying to explain what was so good about that acid trip I took in 1986 when I mind-melded with a herron. more inside
The Grace Lee Project. Do you know a Grace Lee? more inside
Run Nickdanger run - Nickdanger's magnificent odyssey comes to an end? Hopefully he'll just be resting up and continuing with his journey because I haven't laughed so much in ages. Scrolling sideways through monkeyfilter using the Newer >> link is weird.
Bedbugs Attack New York City. "'They're insatiable,' he said five minutes into the bug's feeding. To show off the insect's special sucking stylus, Mr. Sorkin removed a bedbug nymph from a container and placed it on his finger. Even under a bright light and being nudged by tweezers, it began to feed and turned rust-colored as it filled with blood. Bedbugs...can live longer than a year, with the female laying up to 500 eggs in a lifetime. An adult bedbug can survive unfed for up to a year." Article includes a photo too. They look small. more inside
OCR Curious George: Can anybody suggest a way to get text out of my scanner and into my Mac? (OSX.3.8) I have been trying to use ABBYY Fine Reader Pro for this purpose, and am getting nothing but gibberish. more inside
Choosy Muppets Choose Roland Space Echo - the gear porn of The Muppet Show via music thing more inside