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November 26, 2005

Curious, George: Use What Your Mama Give You Hi. Quick question: I have been told on many occassions that I have a good "radio voice". It's deep, has some range, carries well, etc. I've actually even had female bosses who told me they wanted to hire me after our initial phone conversation, just from hearing my voice. And more times than I can count, people have said that I should get into voice-over work. I'm pondering doing just that for extra income, just local radio spots, whatever. But I confess I have no idea how to get started. Do any of you have experience with this, tips for how to get started, etc? I'm not an actor and have no experience with this at all. Is it a difficult gig to get into part-time, are there specific hours you need to be available, is the money worth the work? Any stories/expertise you've got are welcome. Best comment will be awarded an autographed photo of bernockle in a raccoon costume and ball gag.
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Michael Sessions, meet Wilf Petherbridge. "Oooh, 18 year old mayor" you declare. Well, Lewisham took it one step further, and elected a 14 year old. He's got 25,000 quid as a budget, which is like 3 million dollars American. 14!, and an elected official.