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November 20, 2005

Curious Kids Entertainment As I've probably mentioned too often, I'm the proud father of a 20mo old boy. Thus far we have lived without a TV, and only recently have started renting DVDs to watch with him. Now I have a few questions for the monkeys: 1) What are recommended movies/DVD's for him to watch. He already loves Teletubbies and Sesame Street, both of which I don't mind watching myself. However, I refuse to watch Barney. What else should he see that won't drive Mom and Dad batty? 2) We are thinking of returning to TV-land. If we do get a TV, what are some good shows these days for children?
Curious George: Mac Image Editing I want to make an animated banner-ad sized image to advertise for my band on myspace. What graphics program(s) would be good to use? I need something OS X compatable, easy to use, and free.
Courious George: Making a US FOIA Request I am a Permanent Resident of the US who immigrated 10 years ago. I am curious to find out what sort of records the federal governemt has acquired on me ("I have a file. I have a file!" -- Homer J. Simpson). From doing cursory Google searches it looks like I have to make seperate FOIA requests to each Federal agency for obtaining their records on me. Is there a centralized place where I can apply to get all my information released to me? Or do they deliberately make it painful to obtain the information? I am curious to hear the FOIA experiences of other monkeys as well. Were you surprised by the information they had on you? Disappointed? How about non-US-ian monkeys? What processes does your government have to initiate FOIA requests.
Chop chop! Curious George: slicing and dicing Yesterday I managed to slice open my finger instead of the onion I was aiming for. Looking for either online resources on cutting techniques (Google brings up a frightening number of links with offers including a free set of steak knives) or monkey-tips. more inside
A User's Guide to Time Travel - and for those of you a little more advanced, the TARDIS type 40 Manual. Furthermore, a study of Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies so you can avoid all those tricky mistakes.
Indescribably Horrible! 'Bloodrock' is a must-see and 'Electriclarryland' leaves one bereft of speech!
LoneSentry.com -- photos, articles and research on the European Theater in World War II.
Royalty vs. Nature Is it just me, or would most anyone be able to achieve Albert's psuedo-accomplishments. Especially given unlimited money? He dreamt of a career in soccer, took part in the Paris-Dakar rally in 1985 and is a judo black belt. He represented Monaco at the Olympic Games in the bobsleigh four times and finished 7th in the world championships. Seventh in world bobsled championships? Be still my beating heart. This is less a dig at Albert (whom I'd love to trade places with) and more an invitation to have monkey's opine about nature vs. nurture. Seems that pretty much anyone could be seventh in world bobsled championships,no?
Richard Stallman wears tinfoil hat - gets in Trouble with UN Security. Bruce Perens has blogged about RMS appearing at the UN World Summit on the information society, and protesting privacy issues over the RFID by wearing a tinfoil hat. more inside
Thirty Facts about Chuck Norris more inside