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November 14, 2005

The Rapture Index from the fine folks at Rapture Ready
What's the Evidence for an historic ET presence in Iraq? An independent archaeologist that discusses a direct link between the ancient ET presence in Sumer (southern Iraq) and current US focus on the regime of Saddam Hussein Ladies and Gentlemen, start your tinfoil! via
Blotto. I used to take those "Bush is drinking" stories with a grain of salt. Until now.
Houses in the shape of cubes (though more interesting than that sounds). The cube houses are an idea of architect Piet Blom. The first to be built were three test houses (Dutch) in the provincial town of Helmond. After that a bigger group were built there, including a whole theater. (Flash, Dutch) more inside
These are the people in Arnold's Neighborhood Any Flash animation that has flies circling around Bill O'Reilly is O.K. by me. This link is a clever plot by the GOP to start building their base with young kids, but I found it enjoyable just the same.
The Last Temptation of Martin Scorsese: giving in to retirement. Marty is going to give up making features, concentrate on making documentaries and shorts. more inside
Multiple Personalities. "Each alter is designed to do a job and only that job. It is endowed with characteristic traits which the Original Personality would have taken on, if it were in charge. The situation can be viewed as operating a doll factory, with only the outfits of clothes being produced. The doll, itself, is not present. The alters are the sets of clothes, but there is no doll inside any of them. Therefore, they cannot grow and change. They can only do what the ISH has programmed them to do."
ABZ's - everybody's got to learn the three R's and Uncle Shelby has the lesson plan.[NSFW] more inside
Axis of weevils New rationale in 3, 2, 1 ... for Australian participation in the Iraq Adventure -- no more paying these obscene kickbacks to Saddam's Evil RĂ©gime! more inside