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November 01, 2005

Curious George: does anyone know of a good online organizer? more inside
Happy ReidGivings
Classic Monsters, Classic Art If there's a better use for Photoshop, I haven't seen it.
Conjoined Country Star
Reba- "I have a job singing in show business. Lori, my twin, has to go along with that because it's my career.When I am singing, Lori is like any other fan, except she's up on the stage with me." Lori- "I do not ask for anything from Reba - I don't get in to her concerts free just because she's a conjoined twin. I have to pay, just like every other fan that comes to that concert.They don't see me there. It's like there's a blanket over me because I am quiet and I don't make a noise."
Curious George: Temperature. Does anyone have access to the AP Stylebook? I'm curious what it says about whether to write 23 °C, 23°C, 23° C, or 23C. There seems to be a lot of dispute about it. I prefer the NIST rule but would like to learn more.
Singing mice "Research by a team of neuroscientists has revealed that male mice construct complex songs and sing them for minutes at a time when they come across sex pheromones produced by potential mates." Includes mp3s of said singing (and a nice reference to Bagpuss)
Tallulah Bankhead lived a colourful life.
She reportedly engaged in hundreds of affairs with both men and women. Her biting wit, salty language and outlandish behavior – like the propensity for taking off her clothes at the drop of a hat – shocked and outraged everyon[e]
Bi-curious, George.
Your cock here. Are these NZ urinals scary or amusing? (via Snopes)
David Hicks is a Bad Man There have been bipartisan calls in the Australian Parliament for a full inquiry into fresh allegations that Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks was tortured and sexually abused by American soldiers. The military lawyer for Hicks, Major Michael Mori, says he has witness accounts and photographic evidence to back the claims.
Aussie Galah Recently I was presented with a female Australian Pink and Grey Galah, as viewed in link. She has all the accoutrements for her physical needs (in fact, she is living in Galah luxury) yet I fail in giving her an appropriate name. 'Polly' is definitely not an option! Ideas, suggestions (for bird names!) from MonkeyFilter denizens will be greeted with glad cries.
Hidden Art