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October 27, 2005

Kader Attia's flying rats - an, ahem, interesting art installion piece. Pictures (1, 2, 3) may appear NSFW. Until you realize what it actually is... then you're just creeped out.
Worst Halloween Decoration Ever Sometimes when a supposed Halloween decoration looks ultra-real, it's because it IS real.
The Slik Road ends up in Seattle in a nice set of resources at UW, including texts (such as Franciscan monk William of Rubruck's famous account of a journey made between 1253 and 1255 to the court of the Mongol Khan) and maps as well as introductions to the cities and architecture, art and cultures to be found along the way.
Razza the fugitive rat sets distance record, for swimming that is. After 18 weeks of eluding various traps and poisoned baits, Razza finally met his match when he succumbed to the lure of fresh penguin meat. Good news, another solo male rat is now on the run; do you think he will re-write the record books by routing Razza's record? more inside
There's a Defence for Democracies . And a Foundation no less. The upcoming debate is at Trinity College Dublin. “This house believes that George W. Bush is a danger to world stability.”
GTA has nothing on 1986's CHILLER
One of Vietnam's oldest whale temples is to be upgraded. The temple dates from the eighteenth century. No doubt it features strongly in the whale festival. The Vietnamese also take any opportunity to worship whales al fresco.
Savage Chickens Halloween Contest! What is the chicken saying? (Savage Chickens previously on MoFi)
Apple Home Page - Tribute to Rosa Parks -who took the photograph? more inside
Particles - a simple physics simulation
We will, without fail, put a halt to your machinations, Katori Shintaro. We will ensure peace on Earth. We are known as Earth Defender Freshmen! [google video, humorous][via]
Gun Makers in Canadian Gov't Crosshairs How foolish is this? I understand this because America is the land of the frivolous law suit. What's next, filing suit against GM 'cause you were in a car accident? Against Heinkel if you are robbed at knife-point? I hang my head in despair.
Curious George: Why do woodland ducks tend to live in ponds, while canadian geese hang around bus stops and smoke rock? more inside